Got big plans for your printer as soon as it is out of the box?  Been using it for months and about time to restock on materials?  Pick up these commonly purchased items! 


Voltera Factory-Fabbed Assembly Bundle

Have a lot of factory-fabbed boards that need to be populated? 

This solder alloy bundle is compatible with boards with HASL finish (not Voltera ink!!).

Save 10% on the following:
2x - Solder Paste Cartridge - Sn63Pb37 Alloy
1x - Standard Nozzles (pack of 4)


Voltera Advanced Bundle

You've got plans to build boards and we want to help!  Save 10% on the following:
1x - Conductive Ink Cartridge
1x - Standard Nozzles (pack of 4)
1x - Burnishing Pads (pack of 3)
2x - 2" x 3" Substrates (pack of 10)
2x - 3" x 4" Substrates (pack of 6)